Aavasaksan Vesi Ltd is situated in Lapland, in Northern Finland. We produce finest bottled springwater and our most famous brand is Aqua Lapland. Aqua Lapland is a natural product from the heart of Lapland.

The spring water of Viisavaara mountain in Aavasaksa has been always famous of the good taste. The idea to bottle water lived in village and came stronger then people who had moved away came to Aavasaksa during holidays and took the spring water in bottles and canisters when returned back from holiday period. The bottling idea get realized after many years and in year 2005 bottling of the spring water was started with first, modest line.

In Lapland the groundwater is formed when rainwater and water of melting snow percolates slowly filtrating through the soil layers deeper to groundwater. In Lapland under ancient massive glaciers which were several kilometers thick.

In special places water is flowing out as springs from deeper soil layers and from bedrock. In Finland crystalline bedrock is billions of years old, and they are the oldest stones in the Earth.

We invite You to taste Aqua Lapland spring water and elevate your senses in discovering a wiser way to drink the world's purest springwater with smooth taste.


Comparison of Unesco about quality of water and efficiency of water protection, 2003, (Finland won) »
The water poverty index: an international comparison 2003, (Finland won) »
The Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) 2005, (Finland number one) »


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